Best Packable Summer Hats

Are you looking for the best packable summer hat to take with you on your travels and outdoor adventures? If the answer is yes, you’d think carefully of everything about a good summer hat that meets your needs.

We will spend more time exposed to the sun and its harmful UV rays while we are traveling. Whether you are go hiking or soaking up the sun on the beach, there are no much shades for your body and one part of your body will get UV radiation, which are your face and head. Having a trip means you will spend a long period of time on outdoors and you will expose to the direct sunlight, thus you must do a good sun protection for yourselves. A packable summer hat can protect your head and face from the sun and UV radiation, as well as being an accessory to complete your outfits and make you look great.

When choosing a packable summer hat, you should consider several important factors: sun protection, style, materials, function, and durability.

The level of sun protection determines the effect of sun block of a hat. It is very crucial for you to choose the perfect summer hat. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating system measures the UV protection provided from varieties of fabrics of hats. It just likes the clothing version of the SPF rating system used for sunscreen. The main purpose of a hat is to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and having a high quality summer hat will give you maximum protection. If the hat’s UPF is between 30+ and 50+, you may not need to apply sunscreen.

Packable hats come with a crushable design and there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. You can wear a classic sun hat, such as a casual bucket hat. Hats are usually a fashion statement, even if we’re only talking about travel hats. You definitely want to look good and stand out in a crowd. A hat with the style that makes you feel comfortable.

If you plan to wear a hat for outdoor activities such as running, hiking, boating or other watersports, you’d better choose hats that made of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or nylon. They are much more effective at wicking and quicker drying than cotton. These fabrics also have good breathability and help you stay cool when it’s hot. A hat with mesh ventilation is also the key for staying cool.

When it comes to pick a perfect summer hat, consider when and where you’ll use it. If it for running and hiking, you might want to go for a more sporty style. It’s best to opt for synthetic fabrics, which can absorb moisture effectively to keep your head dry and cool, and you can easily wash them when they get sweaty and dirty.

High quality hat will last for years or even a lifetime. It’s a must-have item for your adventures. You’d better choose a trusted brand, which is known for its high quality products. When it comes to durability, the most important factors include the choice of materials and the quality of stitching. Nylon and polyester are both solid materials which you can wear for a couple of years.