Storage of Hats

Whether you’ve bought a lot of hats or just one hat, you need to know how to keep your hats. After all, the maintenance and proper care of hats is an important factor in keeping your hats as new as you bought it. If you want to know how to store your hats in the right way, we’ve gathered some tips for keeping your hats as fresh as the day you bought it.  

Usually, when you buy a hat at the store, you will get a hat box with it. Remember don’t throw the box away after you taking it home. It can be used to store your hat. The correct way to store a hat in a box is to place it upside down inside the box. A suitable hat box is designed with a circular cut through the crown of the hat. And the crown should be suspended in mid-air and will not be crushed. Then hang the brim and hold the hat upside down in place. Keep the hat in a box is a long term storage way.

Men’s hats include fedoras, bowlers, and even cotton bucket hat with string will suffice. All of these hats have brims that can be flipped down or up. Actually, you should wear a fedora with the front brim flipped down. To preserve the structure of the hat, it is best to flip back up when storing it. This rule is useful whether you store hats in the boxes or not. Making the brim rolled back up is the only way to keep them from becoming strange shapes.

If you have a lot of hats, you may need a closet for your hat storage. Your hat boxes may not satisfy your different needs for keeping many hats. You’ve spent a lot of money on your hats, and if the wardrobe is too expensive for you, then a cedar closet may be the best choice for you. The benefits of cedar closet are will-known by people. Cedar helps remove moisture out of the air and has the natural ability to resist mold, making it a real fabric killer. Its smell is effective at keeping bugs out. Besides, it smells good. If you’re really looking for a Victorian chic vibe, it is the best way to store your hats in a cedar closet.

Keeping your closet organized means that you keep your clothes and hats in order and in good condition. The important thing is to keep your hat from getting dusty and deformed.

Keep the brim of your hat in shape by turning it upside down on its crown. It’s best to store your hats in a cool and dry place. Do not store dirty hats. You should wash and dry them before storing your hats. Fill the crown with stuffing. Also, if you often wear a hat, you can hang it on a hook on the wall, which is a way to keep it for a short period of time. If you don’t wear a hat for a long time, it’s best to store it in a closet or a box.