How to Pack for Travel?

Summer is a good time for traveling, hiking, camping or going to the beach or just wandering in a new city. The first thing that you should do is to pack your things before travel. It is best to keep the packing list several days before every trip on your phone or computer. Print it and check everything on your luggage based on the list in case you forget some things. Here are some concerns when packing for your travel.

If you go hiking, you would like to take a backpack. Remember put the heaviest items in the center of the bag as close to your back as possible to make the load easier to carry. Keep items you might need in your carry-on bag to stay organized, such as snacks, sleep-related eye patches, earplugs, purses, etc. in one bag and sanitizing wipes or tissues in another bag. Put the heavy or bulky things first then fill in the gaps with smaller and lighter-weight items.

When you have planned to go travel to a new city, perhaps you will spend several days on there and you will wear a lot of clothes. Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep the bag smell nice between trips, gives your clothes a pleasant scent during your trip and offers a little whiff of home each time you open your suitcase.

You may only rely on the mobile mapping app for navigating, but it’s also worth bringing an old-fashioned paper map, especially if you’re in some remote areas where phone signal is very poor. It is recommended to carry a small suitcase rather a big one during a short-term travel. Try to learn some basics of packing a luggage. If you want to spend time on the beach or outdoors, consider packing a microfiber towel that would be useful if you are caught in an unexpected rain shower, and a sun beach hat to protect the skin while you are soaking up on the beach. Bring a packable and foldable hat that will save space and keep the shape when packing it into your luggage. The bucket hat features a flipped brim which makes it foldable so that it is easy to be packed and stuffed into your bag without damage its shape.   

Wash your clothes a few days before your travel to make sure you have enough clean shirts, socks and underwear. Consider investing in garments that use antibacterial technology so that they can be worn multiple times between washes. Save space by stuffing smaller items, such as underwear or socks into your shoes. Also, you can stuff such items into your hat.

It is best to choose neutral colored clothes that can be mixed and matched to make multiple outfits. If you’ll be traveling in cold weather, you can pack a lot of lightweight layers to minimize your load. These lightweight layers can be changed every day, while wearing the same heavy layer on top. Pack every day’s outfit in its own plastic bag to save your time for looking for clothes when going out.