Storage of Hats

Whether you’ve bought a lot of hats or just one hat, you need to know how to keep your hats. After all, the maintenance and proper care of hats is an important factor in keeping your hats as new as you bought it. If you want to know how to store your hats in the right way, we’ve gathered some tips for keeping your hats as fresh as the day you bought it.  

Usually, when you buy a hat at the store, you will get a hat box with it. Remember don’t throw the box away after you taking it home. It can be used to store your hat. The correct way to store a hat in a box is to place it upside down inside the box. A suitable hat box is designed with a circular cut through the crown of the hat. And the crown should be suspended in mid-air and will not be crushed. Then hang the brim and hold the hat upside down in place. Keep the hat in a box is a long term storage way.

Men’s hats include fedoras, bowlers, and even cotton bucket hat with string will suffice. All of these hats have brims that can be flipped down or up. Actually, you should wear a fedora with the front brim flipped down. To preserve the structure of the hat, it is best to flip back up when storing it. This rule is useful whether you store hats in the boxes or not. Making the brim rolled back up is the only way to keep them from becoming strange shapes.

If you have a lot of hats, you may need a closet for your hat storage. Your hat boxes may not satisfy your different needs for keeping many hats. You’ve spent a lot of money on your hats, and if the wardrobe is too expensive for you, then a cedar closet may be the best choice for you. The benefits of cedar closet are will-known by people. Cedar helps remove moisture out of the air and has the natural ability to resist mold, making it a real fabric killer. Its smell is effective at keeping bugs out. Besides, it smells good. If you’re really looking for a Victorian chic vibe, it is the best way to store your hats in a cedar closet.

Keeping your closet organized means that you keep your clothes and hats in order and in good condition. The important thing is to keep your hat from getting dusty and deformed.

Keep the brim of your hat in shape by turning it upside down on its crown. It’s best to store your hats in a cool and dry place. Do not store dirty hats. You should wash and dry them before storing your hats. Fill the crown with stuffing. Also, if you often wear a hat, you can hang it on a hook on the wall, which is a way to keep it for a short period of time. If you don’t wear a hat for a long time, it’s best to store it in a closet or a box. 

Methods of Packing a Hat

Hats with different materials have different packing methods. The basic rules of packing a hat are as follows

1) Put a piece of clothing on the bottom of the suitcase

2) Turn the hat upside down and place it on a flat surface

3) Fill the crown of the hat with small items such as socks, underwear, T-shirts or vest

4) Place the full hat face up on the bottom of the empty suitcase

5) Put the remaining items around the hat and keep it in shape

Now that we have learned packing guidelines of a hat, following I will show you some packing methods of several common hats.

This raffia hat comes in two ways of packing. The first way is to fold the hat in half with the brim up as shown below. In this way, it is folded into a classic taco shape. There are two creases after it was been folded, while you have not to worry about this crease for it can be easily pressed by hand to make it quickly back into its original shape.

Actually, there is also a way to get it back into its original shape: hanging your hat in the bathroom while taking a shower and then work the shape back into the original shape with your fingers.

The second way is to fill the entire crown with small items such as socks and underwear. You can fill the crown with clean socks, underwear or rolled up shirts, then put the hat either brim down, or crown down, and finally put other clothes around the hat to fix it in this position. When deciding to put the hat brim down or crown down, you should carefully consider the original shape of the hat. The raffia hat has a parabolic shape. To keep it in good shape, the hat should be placed crown down.

Bucket hats and bonnie hats were developed from the original bucket hats in the early 20th century, and later they became separated hats because it was adapted by the military due to its functions. However, there are some similarities between the two hats in terms of materials. These styles of hats are usually easy to be packed because they are soft. Wrinkles are usually not a big problem, and when you open them, they usually look the same as before you pack them. This method can be applied to women’s bucket hats of the same shape and material.

Here is an unpacked bonnie hat in its original shape. Firstly, you can fold the hat in half, try to make the creases as neat as possible, and smooth the wrinkles like a folded shirt.

Once you have a neat crease, you start from one side and start rolling horizontally from side to side. When you have finished, you have a compact rolled-up bucket hat or a bonnie hat that you can easily put in your pocket or bag for later. You can even use the chin strap to secure this rolled-up shape.

Best Fishing Hats

If you set out to go fishing in the hot summer, you have to prepare fishing equipment, such as fishing pole, bait and boat. Except the fishing equipment, you also need to consider yourself for preparing some outdoors gear to protect you from the sun and the rain. Wearing a sun hat is the cheapest and easiest way to protect your delicate skin on the sunny days.

A good sun hat is used for hiking, camping, fishing and more. Fishing activity is a good opportunity for you to get close to the nature, to enjoy the peace of nature and to breathe fresh air that you cannot get in the city. If you go fishing, you must do sun protection because you have to spend a few hours in outdoors from morning to night on the day.

Here we have found some good sun hats for keeping you cool and protect your skin when you go fishing.

Stylish women bucket hat

This stylish women bucket hat is very suitable for hiking or fishing. It is very comfortable to wear. The material of the hat is 100% polyester which is packable and soft. It can be packed and stored in your bag or even in your pocket and that won’t damage the hat. It will recover as long as you iron it even it gets crushed.

The brim of the hat has a very specific curved shape that it won’t block your vision. It has no adjustable chin strap so that it cannot stay in strong wind.

Anti-glare sun hat

People may like to stay in the water or places near the water in hot summer. As we all know, sunlight reflects off of a water surface, the glare would affect us. This sun hat keeps the sun off our face and also helps us to get away from the glare off the surface of the water with the anti-glare material under the brim of the hat.

This hat comes with an adjustable chin strap that will make the hat fit on our head. It gives good protection for our face, nose and ears without limiting our vision. The material of the hat is the mixture of nylon and polyester which is breathable for our head. There are vents on all side of the hat’s crown that allows the air to pass through the fabric. The hat has a sweatband for you to wear comfortably. The wide brim makes sure that your neck to be protected. For anglers, this is a great choice.

Boonie fishing hat

The boonie hat is one of the popular hats among people who like to go fishing, camping or hiking. With flat and wide brim of the hat, it can keep you off the sun. There are clean lines on the surface of the brim, which make the hat more attractive. With an adjustable chin strap, you can easily adjust it to your own head size, and it can stop the wind blowing away your hat.

In a word, if you want to make your skin get less sunburnt, you must pick a good fishing hat for your outdoors activities.

How to Choose a Hat for Fishing?

There are many factors that we need to consider when choosing a good fishing hat. Generally speaking, we often consider from the practicality and aesthetic things of the hat.

Let’s see if it is the best hat for fishing in detail.

Firstly, we always think the cool factor with the hat is important for we need to stay a long time in outdoors. Nowadays, hats have become a key fashion item for young people. While for some active outdoors lovers, they pay more attention to the hat’s practicality and durability.

Wide brim bucket hats, straw sun hats and other hats may be more functional than attractive. The cool factor is more important for outdoors activities, such as fishing, hiking and camping.

Secondly, a good fishing hat must have function of ventilation. Whether you spend time on the water or other places, you may be exposed on the sun, especially on muggy weather. Some hats with ventilations can keep your head cool and dry.

Bucket hats often come with mesh panels for ventilation. It allows air to pass through the fabric of a hat. You may be worried about the mesh panels will make your head expose to the sun. Therefore, you may choose a hat with small mesh holes while direct sunlight won’t be harsh to get you burn after hours of fishing.

Thirdly, sun hats have different styles and designs while an adjustable hat is the best hat for fishing or hiking. For fishermen, they usually zip across the lake on the boat; strong wind will blow away their hat and make hats fall into the water. A hat with a chin strap or drawstring can make it stay secured on your head.

The bucket hat often comes in an adjustable chin strap. If you are riding, you can get the chin strap tight; if you go fishing, you can loose it up. After all, you may feel headache for wearing a hat all day long.

If you don’t like overly tight hats, you can try the hat with a retention strap. The retention strap can be adjustable based on your needs for the hat. If you are riding the bike or rowing a boat across the lake, this retention strap will make sure the safety of your hat.

Last but not least, the wide-brimmed sun hat is best for protecting you from the harsh sunlight and UV rays, especially when you are exposed to the sun directly; there is nothing you can use to block the sunshine. The bucket hat with rolled-up brim is very flexible that you can turn the brim up if the weather is not too hot, or you can turn it down when the sun is shining brightly.

When we choose a fishing hat, we have to decide if it is the best hat that we want. There are also some other factors for you to consider, such as color, design and patterns. If you do not care too much of the aesthetic matters, you can pick up a simple and durable hat for fishing. While you can pick up a nice and pretty hat if you like.

Summer Fishing Hats

Have you already planned a variety of activities for the summer? If you haven’t, you must do it now. I believe that most of you definitely care about your delicate skin on hot summer days, especially for girls. Some of you may be sensitive to sunshine and easy to get sunburned. For those who cannot stand the hot sun in a minute, not to mention to stay for a few hours. Bucket hats for fishing have been favored by many outdoor enthusiasts. The original invention of the hat is to protect the fishermen and farmers from the sun and the rain. Until today, except its practicality and durability, the bucket hat has become a fashion item.

Fishing sport means that you will stay a few hours in outdoors and you have to be exposed in the hot sun. It is necessary to wear a fishing hat to protect your skin in the summer sun. Of course, you can wear your old baseball cap for fishing, but if the weather gets very hot or if it is raining, a baseball cap will not give you a completely protection from the sun and the rain. Thus, a fishing hat is the best choice for your fishing.

I have found some good fishing hats that offer to you.

This hat has a wide brim to keep you cool on the hot summer. The hat’s surface is very smooth that makes you feel comfortable. Besides, the hat has a veil on the back that can completely protect your neck.

There are some mesh panels on both sides of the hat which offer good ventilation and wick away the sweat from you head. It comes with a chin string that can help you to adjust the hat to fit your head size.

This versatile bucket hat is one of the best fishing hats because it provides all-around protection for you. When you go fishing or camping near the water, these places must have a variety of bugs around you, they will bite you. It can not only protect you from the sun and the rain, but also can block these annoying bugs, such as mosquitos and flies.

The special design of a removable sun skirt is quite convenient for you to cover the back of your neck. And there is another sun skirt that can protect your face, nose and mouth. A chin strap is to make you hat stay secured on your head even on the windy days. The hat has an elastic shock cord for you to adjust your fitted size. It is the best hat for your active outdoors activities.

If you don’t want a hat with sun skirts, this bonnie bucket hat may be a good choice for you. There are mesh panels for vents on the hat. The hat has a flat top and single color without undue aesthetic designs. The brim of the hat is wide enough to protect your face, nose and ears. The hat is constructed with nylon that is very durable. It also features with a sweatband to wick away sweat on your head.